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Compendium: The Age of 3D Donkey Kong Country

The Age of 3D Donkey Kong CountryThe team at Rare had already established themselves as marque video game developers by the mid 90’s. Previous titles like Battletoads, Knight Lore and Sabre Wulf had earned the company’s founders Tim and Chris Stamper critical acclaim. Not happy to rest on their laurels when Nintendo bought up a majority share in the company in 1994. The brothers saw it as a chance to take on one of Nintendo’s characters and innovate on the medium. Continue reading

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Top5: Retro Android Games

Top5 Retro GamesI’ve been playing games for years, since I was five or six and my father came home with a NES, which may also be an indicator to my age and rapid advance towards the grave, as I grew older we ended up with more consoles in the house each bringing with it numerous hours of joy, frustration, gamepad throwing rage and the plethora of other emotions we associate with gaming. Continue reading