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Sidenote: The New Zealand Story

The New Zealand Story SidenoteNew Zealand home to the Maori people, location for the Lord of the Rings films, birthplace of the world renowned mountaineer Sir Edmund Hillary and the setting of a late 80’s video game. Today’s sidenote takes a look back at the very first video game that I ever played, so be prepared for me to wax nostalgic about retro pixelated side-scrolling gameplay.  Continue reading

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Top5: Retro Android Games

Top5 Retro GamesI’ve been playing games for years, since I was five or six and my father came home with a NES, which may also be an indicator to my age and rapid advance towards the grave, as I grew older we ended up with more consoles in the house each bringing with it numerous hours of joy, frustration, gamepad throwing rage and the plethora of other emotions we associate with gaming. Continue reading