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Flappy Bird Review

Flappy Bird ReviewJust as the games mechanics compel the bird to rise and fall, Flappy Bird has risen from obscurity before coming crashing down amongst a media circus. How and why a small indie game coming out of the game design wilderness of Vietnam has caused such a furore in such a short period of time. Continue reading

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Top5: Simulation Games

Top5 Simulation GamesSome games make us feel invincible, firing round after round against an alien menace to save the world all the while holding some screaming damsel in the arm not cradling a pulse rifle, others pull on our heart strings with deep emotional involvement (Aerith Gainsborough) while others play on our fears, zombies shuffling past in the dead of night etc. etc. Some games however make us gods among men. Continue reading

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Top5: Retro Android Games

Top5 Retro GamesI’ve been playing games for years, since I was five or six and my father came home with a NES, which may also be an indicator to my age and rapid advance towards the grave, as I grew older we ended up with more consoles in the house each bringing with it numerous hours of joy, frustration, gamepad throwing rage and the plethora of other emotions we associate with gaming. Continue reading

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Plants vs Zombies 2 Review

PvZ 2 ReviewHow the tides have turned. This would be an appropriate saying for Apple product owners who for years where at the butt end of so many video game jests. A decade ago it was impossible to think a gamer would go out to buy an Apple product in order to play games, in fact they would be laughed out of the store. However in a very short space of time devices running the iOS software have become the hub for great gaming experiences, albeit the more casual gaming end of the spectrum.  Continue reading

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Zynga Review

Zynga ReviewZynga has become one of the big players in mobile and social media gaming. They had their first major hit with the Facebook game Farmville and have looked to repeat that success with other games such as CityVille, FrontierVille and ChefVille you can see a pattern emerging. Due to the success that these games have brought with them the company started a plan of expansion that has seen them reach out from their original site in San Francisco and started buying out and establishing external offices all across the globe starting with Baltimore but soon moving onto Beijing and Bangalore. Continue reading

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Curiosity Review

Curiosity ReviewThe old phrase curiosity killed the cat comes to mind at the recent reveal behind 22Cans latest project aptly named Curiosity, or more accurately will Curiosity be the death of their upcoming game Godus. The social engineering project has been forcing participants to endlessly tap the screens of their smartphones in order to destroy small cubelets that formed the basis of a larger cube. Layer by layer people bore away at the cube hoping to be the first to reach the centre. Peter Molyneux the games creator had alluded to a life changing prize waiting inside the cube and it would be revealed when the last cubelet was destroyed. Continue reading

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The State of the Industry: Tap, Flick or Click

Tap, Flick or ClickIt started with a simple game of Tetris that was available on the Hagenuk MT-2000 mobile phone back in 1994. At the time the mainstream video game industry was growing exponentially and has continued that accelerated growth to the present day. However it took mobile gaming another decade to find its place in the market, going from simple pixelated and monochromatic ports of other popular games to fully fledged 2D & 3D titles in their own right. Continue reading

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Spin Tires Review

Spin Tires Review

As with previous reviews on this site the game itself is only a side note to the main article. Spin Tires is the game I’m looking at this week not because it’s new in fact the game has been in development for the last number of years and is still waiting a release date with the beta demo of the game only available. The reason it is an appropriate game to review at this time is that it was made primarily using the Havok engine and with the recent announcement of Project Anarchy by Havok, which is set to give mobile game developers a fully-fledged 3D game engine for zero cost it would seem to be the right time to talk about it.

Continue reading

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The State of the Industry: Ready To Level Up

Ready To Level Up

Within the next year the video game market is set to reshuffle as Microsoft and Sony gear up for the release of their next gen console. A battle that will be fought and won by whoever can spend the most to attract exclusive titles and DLC and which side can muster enough hype to keep their loyal fans happy and possibly turn a few from the other side. Continue reading