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Flappy Bird Review

Flappy Bird ReviewJust as the games mechanics compel the bird to rise and fall, Flappy Bird has risen from obscurity before coming crashing down amongst a media circus. How and why a small indie game coming out of the game design wilderness of Vietnam has caused such a furore in such a short period of time. Continue reading

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Zynga Review

Zynga ReviewZynga has become one of the big players in mobile and social media gaming. They had their first major hit with the Facebook game Farmville and have looked to repeat that success with other games such as CityVille, FrontierVille and ChefVille you can see a pattern emerging. Due to the success that these games have brought with them the company started a plan of expansion that has seen them reach out from their original site in San Francisco and started buying out and establishing external offices all across the globe starting with Baltimore but soon moving onto Beijing and Bangalore. Continue reading

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The State of the Industry: Tap, Flick or Click

Tap, Flick or ClickIt started with a simple game of Tetris that was available on the Hagenuk MT-2000 mobile phone back in 1994. At the time the mainstream video game industry was growing exponentially and has continued that accelerated growth to the present day. However it took mobile gaming another decade to find its place in the market, going from simple pixelated and monochromatic ports of other popular games to fully fledged 2D & 3D titles in their own right. Continue reading