Online | Digital Sculpting for Games


This course focuses on created high resolution and highly detailed 3D models via the process of 3D sculpting. You will learn to use the sculpting application Autodesk Mudbox to turn a block of “Digital Clay” into a variety of different high quality objects. The topics covered in this course are:

  • Human faces
  • Clothing
  • Ruined and battered game environments
  • 3D colour painting
  • Repeatable surface creation
  • Retopology
  • Texture map extraction
  • Rendering

This course does not require any prior experience in 3D however you should have a strong passion for video games and art. Having skills in traditional drawing or clay modelling will help.

Course Delivery & Duration

Online. With our online courses in gaming you are free to work at your own pace and all the learning content will be available upon commencement of the course. This course has a recommended duration of 8-10 weeks of part time learning.




  • Cenit College (Certificate of completion)

Entry Requirements

  • As this is an online course you will be required to have a 64 Bit Windows PC or Apple Macintosh
  • A free student of Autodesk Mudbox is available
  • A love for video games is essential.
  • Having a background in art, design, music or programming is a major plus.

How To Enrol

For more information and to enrol please contact