Online | Mobile Games Development


This Mobile Games Development Course will take you on your first steps to becoming a mobile games developer using freeware software such as Unity 5. You will learn how to:

  • Become aware of game mechanics and level rules
  • Micro task management
  • 2D artwork creation
  • Audio creation including sound FX and music
  • Becoming familiar with the Unity game engine
  • Visual scripting using a popular scripting plugin

Owning an Android or iOS device makes the course a lot more fun but not essential to enrolling and completing the course.

Course Delivery & Duration

Online. With our online courses in gaming you are free to work at your own pace and all the learning content will be available upon commencement of the course. This course has a recommended duration of 8-10 weeks of part time learning.




  • Cenit College (Certificate of completion)

Entry Requirements

  • As this is an online course you will be required to have a 64 Bit Windows PC or Apple Macintosh
  • A love for video games is essential.
  • Having a background in art, design, music or programming is a major plus.

How To Enrol

For more information and to enrol please contact