Naas Campus

Our new campus in Naas is located above the Monread Shopping Centre meaning you have a Tescos, Costa and Subway right downstairs. We also have a bright and spacious canteen where students can make free tea and coffee all day.



All our machines are well equipped to ensure your workflow is as smooth and seamless as possible. Our hardware includes Quad Core CPUs, 8GB memory and Nvidia Geforce GPUs.

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Classroom Layout

We deliberately divide the classroom into separate table groups consisting of 4-6 computers each. This is to emulate the studio environment to get students collaborating as a team.


Motion Capture Studio

We are delighted to announce that we now have motion capture technology capable of capturing full body as well as facial animation. Motion capture technology is used to capture the realistic motion and facial expressions of an actor.


Wacom Tablets

Students will get access to Wacom Intuos tablets during their time at Cenit College. Wacom tablets are input devices (like a mouse) for a computer which lets the artist draw “digitally” using pressure and tilt sensitivity. These devices are great for graphic design, animation as well as texturing work.


Audio Equipment

Students will get their ears dirty in a range of our audio equipment including condenser microphones, shotgun microphones, portable stereo microphones and MIDI keyboards.

Inspiration Shelf

When students hit a creative wall, don’t fear. We have a large collection of magazines and books which will help spark fresh new ideas and inspirations. We have materials covering 3D art, Photoshop, web design, Develop, Edge, concept art books and our favourite; Simons Cat. Enough to keep you busy.

We also have a Nintendo Wii and an Xbox 360 for when students need game inspiration… or to relax on breaks.


3D Printing

We also have access to an Ultimaker V1 3D printer. Students on our Game Development courses will get the chance to interact and see how 3D printing works.