Student Work Gallery

3D Environment Modelling

Here our students have used Autodesk 3D Studio Max to create "Game Ready" environments. Students had to keep their environments below 30,000 polygons and texture sizes no more than 1024x1024 for efficiency.

3D Game Development

Check out some screenshots of 3D games made by groups of students using Unity 3D.

2D Pixel Art

At the start students learn the fundamentals of Adobe Photoshop and how to draw simple to more advanced pixel art. Here are just some examples of students 2D artwork.

2D Game Development

Students learn how to use Stencyl, a 2D game toolkit with a similar way of working to Scratch. Here are some of the 2D games created by teams of our students.

Audio Design

As part of our game courses, students will also learn how to compose and create Foley sound effects. Here is some work by some of our previous students.

Play Time

Night Flight


Cave Diamonds