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OK, so this might not be what many were expecting to take the number one slot but hear me out on this one.

Firstly, just look at it! Mega Man X is definitely one of the nicest looking retro games you can pick up, heavily stylized with exceptional colour use, the levels are beautifully put together, mixing challenge and reward perfectly.

When it first came out on the SNES it was a huge step away from previous Mega Man titles, grittier with some major changes to core game mechanics I recall being slightly sceptical at first.

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Yet I was wrong, massively wrong, Mega Man X blew away its predecessors,  the huge changes Capcom decided to make to the game paid off big time. Fans of the franchise quickly forgot that they’d been made to wait two years since the release of the SNES for a Mega Man game as they were quickly engrossed by the games incredible aesthetics, its awesome soundtrack and controls that fit perfectly even today.

The gameplay itself is an awesome mix of run-and-gun action and platformer elements, fast paced with lasers, bombs and all other sorts of projectiles littering the screen. There is no order to the levels you the player choose which of the eight you wish to attempt and you can always return at a later date to continue trying to best the game.

Which is why it takes the first slot, it’s ease of play, you can be into any of the games on this list in a few minutes, from loading the rom to actually playing but Mega Man X will have the sweat beading on your brow almost as soon as it boots but can be put back down after 10 minutes making it perfect for a bit of casual play on the bus.

By Christopher Colston

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