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I’m not allowed to play Street Fighter at friends’ houses anymore. I spent nearly a full year of playing nothing but this game, the A+ online ranking for my Vega I got to show for it might not seem like much but it’s easily one of the most satisfying experiences I’ve had from online console gaming.

So evidently I’m a huge Street Fighter fan, and this SNES version of the arcade classic hits all the right buttons (excuse that pun) Classic characters, fluid and responsive controls and a great balance between characters speed, power, defence etc.

Top5 Retro Games Image 04

The main problem with arcade fighters is that they are essentially two player games but Street Fighter II manages to have a decent single player option, it’s not for the faint of heart, the difficulty level ramps up so quickly seatbelts are compulsory and by the later stages the slightest mistake will have you cursing the games very existence but when you do eventually master it the feelings of elation and joy make it all worthwhile.

The game also has a strange mechanic that when playing against another person, and where you have spent many a sleepless night learning your characters move list patiently and methodically seems to yield the same results as just mindlessly mashing the gamepad.

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