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I’m going to try and avoid going into much detail about this, anyone with an interest in gaming knows the Final Fantasy series and the general consensus is that, while they may have lost their way now, the first 10 in the series (and I include FFX very begrudgingly) are in a league of their own, not only as stand out, genre defining JRPG’s but as classic, beautiful story driven games.

I was a teenager when Final Fantasy VII came out and it was the game that changed the way I thought about games, people, relationships and life in general, it was the game that made me the game designer I am today and one day I hope to create a game that brings out the same feelings in the next generation of developers.

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“Read my lips – mercy is for wimps! There’s a reason “oppose” rhymes with “dispose”…If they get in your way, kill them!”—Kefka Palazzo

Once I got older and managed to get access to them I played through the earlier FF games and again was blown away by them, which is why VI makes this list, I’ve played it through countless times now always end up going back like a bad habit… It’s difficult to really write much about Final Fantasy games without giving away spoilers so I’ll try and sum it up as best I can – You need this game in your life, it is an example of everything done right in an RPG.

Also it has Kefka in it… Now I know must hold up Sephiroth as the best villain of the series and this is backed up by several polls of “best” video game villains but Sephiroth believes that what he is doing is ultimately right, he is following his destiny, there is a misguided purpose to his actions… Kefka does not, he’s a psychopath, plain and simple and all the better for it.

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