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Top5 Simulation Games No1

One of my top games of all time. If I’m honest I wanted to do the top five Sim games just so I’d have a public platform to tell more people about how awesome this game is, which it is, really, really awesome.

Constructor puts you in charge of a small construction company trying to make a profit. To do this you will have to build a variety of houses from shanty shacks to custom build, grand designs style custom builds and get the right type of tenants in to pay the rent and then keep them happy. You can do this by waiving the rent in return for extra workers or by providing additional luxuries such as double glazing and garden gnomes.

Some tenants will complain the fence on the property is not as advertised; the neighbours are too noisy etc and expect you to rectify this or report you to the local council who will issue you a black mark, too many black marks and you’re shut down and it is game over.  The council will also sporadically give you challenges such as building a park or a set amount of a particular type of house, and again failure is not an option.

Now add to this a second building company determined to ruin your business by burning your houses down or sending any of the games “undesirables” such as the protesting hippy or gimp mask wearing, chainsaw wielding psycho round to cause trouble and you have an intense, fast paced and difficult Sim game that retains its humour and light heartedness.

There are rumours of a tablet port sometime this year but for now your best bet is to pick it up on GoG.

By Christopher Colston

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