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Top5 Simulation Games No2

I’d bet most people expected a Sim title from Maxis to take the top spot in this list. Since Will Wright first released the original Sim City back in 1989 no one could have expected the monster franchise he had created, nor do the numerous iterations and changes the series go through over the next two decades…

Sim City 3000 is in my opinion the best of the bunch, taking the addictive gameplay and management of its predecessors and adding some quite impressive visuals to the mix.

The gameplay goes much deeper than any of the other games mentioned on this list, managing the tax rate for residential, industrial and commercial areas, planning your subway system and setting the fare, taking advice from a team of city advisors, nearly every aspect of city management is covered and covered well.

What this creates is a huge amount of player immersion, when people start leaving your city you wonder how to make it better and bring them back. Public protests demanding more libraries, you had better believe your building more libraries. New bus routes, better hospital services etc…

Like Roller Coaster Tycoon’s free play mode there is no stages or levels, no win/lose conditional the core game is about building your city and running it. Of course there are a few elements that are out of the players control such as natural disasters and alien attacks however these only serve to create an emergency type situation that has to be dealt with.

Sadly the series has taken a huge dive in recent years and a quick Google search on the latest release will bring to light a sad tale of server side DRM, poor support and loss of features so if you fancy picking up a Sim City game grab this one or have a look at some of the alternatives on Steam.

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