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Top5: Simulation Games

Top5 Simulation GamesSome games make us feel invincible, firing round after round against an alien menace to save the world all the while holding some screaming damsel in the arm not cradling a pulse rifle, others pull on our heart strings with deep emotional involvement (Aerith Gainsborough) while others play on our fears, zombies shuffling past in the dead of night etc. etc. Some games however make us gods among men.

The latter is one of my favourite types of game, usually grouped under the “simulation” category but not to be confused with the classic Flight Sim type game or the surprisingly addictive Euro Truck Simulator. These are “business and construction management simulation” games and despite having a genre title like that have proved to be some of the most challenging and immersive games I’ve ever played.

Now, I’m by no means saying that this list is exclusive, like my last article the following is all personal opinion and there are so many games out there it would be impossible for me to have played them all. Yet of those I have played these are my top five.

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