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Top5: Upcoming Games of 2014

Top5 Upcoming Games2014 is not only the year of Family Farming and Crystallography (Study of Atom Arrangements) according to the UN that is. It is also a year in which many long awaited titles will be released. Some of which have been continually delayed or are wrapping up on the beta testing phase. There will always be the annually released titles like Call of Duty and FIFA that you set your watch by. Continue reading

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Top 5: Indie Games of 2013

Top5 Indie Games2013 has been a busy year for the video game industry. Two new consoles where released with all the fanfare and fanboyism that goes with it. As always there are the regular releases that launch like clockwork, the likes of Call of Duty, FIFA and Assassin’s Creed come to mind. Continue reading

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Top5: Simulation Games

Top5 Simulation GamesSome games make us feel invincible, firing round after round against an alien menace to save the world all the while holding some screaming damsel in the arm not cradling a pulse rifle, others pull on our heart strings with deep emotional involvement (Aerith Gainsborough) while others play on our fears, zombies shuffling past in the dead of night etc. etc. Some games however make us gods among men. Continue reading

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Top5: Retro Android Games

Top5 Retro GamesI’ve been playing games for years, since I was five or six and my father came home with a NES, which may also be an indicator to my age and rapid advance towards the grave, as I grew older we ended up with more consoles in the house each bringing with it numerous hours of joy, frustration, gamepad throwing rage and the plethora of other emotions we associate with gaming. Continue reading