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Remember Me Review

Remember Me ReviewRemember Me isn’t going to break any sales records and will most likely be overlooked with the oncoming swath of next gen games set to be showcased at E3 next week, in fact it’s title asks the question will you remember this game when the year is out. The one thing that is a selling point of this game is that it is a new and unique IP (Intellectual Property) in an industry that is becoming more and more reliant on tried and tested franchises or sequels. Continue reading

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Curiosity Review

Curiosity ReviewThe old phrase curiosity killed the cat comes to mind at the recent reveal behind 22Cans latest project aptly named Curiosity, or more accurately will Curiosity be the death of their upcoming game Godus. The social engineering project has been forcing participants to endlessly tap the screens of their smartphones in order to destroy small cubelets that formed the basis of a larger cube. Layer by layer people bore away at the cube hoping to be the first to reach the centre. Peter Molyneux the games creator had alluded to a life changing prize waiting inside the cube and it would be revealed when the last cubelet was destroyed. Continue reading

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Xbox One Review

Xbox One ReviewMay 21st 2013 will be a day to remember as it saw the reveal of Microsoft new Xbox simply called the Xbox One (name might cause some confusion). The hour long presentation gave eager fans a glimpse at the device and a demonstration of the new tech that is lying within the quite large black box albeit through their new social and entertainment features not any actual gameplay. The press conference was topped off with a quick look at the new offering from infinity ward, the highly anticipated Call of Duty: Ghosts. Continue reading

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The State of the Industry: Tap, Flick or Click

Tap, Flick or ClickIt started with a simple game of Tetris that was available on the Hagenuk MT-2000 mobile phone back in 1994. At the time the mainstream video game industry was growing exponentially and has continued that accelerated growth to the present day. However it took mobile gaming another decade to find its place in the market, going from simple pixelated and monochromatic ports of other popular games to fully fledged 2D & 3D titles in their own right. Continue reading

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Blood Dragon Review

Blood Dragon Review

Is laser dragons and cheesy over masculine character dialogue really a good recipe for a game these days. It would seem so with Ubisoft’s latest offering Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, a dystopian neon coloured future open world game set in the year 2007. The game is based on that staple of 80’s cinema the sci-fi B-Movie, with the not too distant war-torn nuclear future in need of help from an overly adrenaline fuelled muscle bound hero with dialogue that cares little about advancing the narrative and is more a challenge of how many puns and one liners can be crammed into a single scene.  Continue reading

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The State of the Industry: Ready To Level Up

Ready To Level Up

Within the next year the video game market is set to reshuffle as Microsoft and Sony gear up for the release of their next gen console. A battle that will be fought and won by whoever can spend the most to attract exclusive titles and DLC and which side can muster enough hype to keep their loyal fans happy and possibly turn a few from the other side. Continue reading

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The State of the Industry: The Gamers Have Spoken

The Gamers Have Spoken

Since its launch in 2009 Kickstarter has raised over $500 million dollars through the donations of over 90,000 different projects, from films & gadgets to music and most importantly video games. It has seen the release of multiple films that premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and has seen a number of projects break the $1 million mark and beyond. Continue reading

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The State of the Industry: Out of Credits

Out of Credits

Is the video game industry heading towards the edge of a financial cliff and possibly fall into a ravine from which it can’t escape? Possibly but probably not in such a dramatic fashion, without a doubt the video game industry has taken a few knocks in the last year with video game companies having to downsize, titles being axed in the middle of production and major publishers filing for chapter 11 bankruptcy. Continue reading

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Catcha Catcha Aliens! Review

Catcha Catcha Aliens Review

The Unity game engine has been slowly gathering steam over the last number of years with its status as a AAA game development tool still a little way of in the distance with the Unreal engine still holding the major share of the market at the moment however the tides may change with the ever increasing popularity of indie titles proliferating in all sectors of the industry especially in the mobile market.

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