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The State of the Industry: Finish Him!!

Finish Him!!It’s the number one issue in the media when it comes to discussing video games, are modern video game too violent and therefore influencing the minds of young children. It is can be difficult for either side to remain level headed and unbiased when debating over the question of violence in video games.  Continue reading

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Compendium: A Tale of Odyssey

A Tale of OdysseyThe next generation of consoles are just on the horizon, with the release of the Xbox One and the PS4 we will enter into the 8th generation of consoles. The current video game consoles can trace their roots back to the early 70’s and one device in particular the Magnavox Odyssey.  Continue reading

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Plants vs Zombies 2 Review

PvZ 2 ReviewHow the tides have turned. This would be an appropriate saying for Apple product owners who for years where at the butt end of so many video game jests. A decade ago it was impossible to think a gamer would go out to buy an Apple product in order to play games, in fact they would be laughed out of the store. However in a very short space of time devices running the iOS software have become the hub for great gaming experiences, albeit the more casual gaming end of the spectrum.  Continue reading

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Compendium: Spacewar!

Spacewar!Prior to the 70’s & 80’s there was no video game industry, with the technology used to create early video games out of reach for the common man. Most of the computers capable of running such programmes where held by Multinational Technology Corporations, Military Defence Establishments and Universities. It was in the engineering and maths departments of these Universities that saw many of the first attempts at creating video games.  Continue reading

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Sidenote: Entering the Void

Entering The Void SidenoteSo I was going to do my regular review or more appropriately a long ramble about something completely different and then trying to tie it back to the original game somehow. The game I was going to write about was The Last of Us and how Naughty Dog have an uncanny knack for cinematic gameplay, setting the standards for character voice acting in video games. The problem is I don’t own a PS3 and haven’t had a chance to play the game so I don’t feel right talking about it.  Continue reading

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Compendium: And Then There Were Graphics

And Then There Were GraphicsIn the 1950’s there was no such occupation as a game designer even computer scientist was a relativity new term. It was still up to pioneering engineers to dabble with electronics and manipulate them to produce game like mechanics on what at the time were purely giant calculators. Continue reading

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Minecraft 1.6 Review

Minecraft ReviewMinecraft once again received an update this week, over 18 months after the game was officially released and it begs the question will this game ever be finished. The 1.6 update will add some new mobs and blocks among other gameplay and mechanical tweaks. However do the developers at Mojang need to continually update this game when the community has taken that task upon themselves and not just from the point of modders creating their own content, such as Dr. Zhark whose Mo’ Creatures mod lead him to working with Mojang on this latest update. Continue reading

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Compendium: The Dawn of a New Medium

The Dawn of a New MediumAlthough many would credit games like Pong and Space Invaders as being the pioneering games of the industry the history of video games goes back a lot further then you might think. It was in the post WW2 tech boom that saw the dawn of video games with engineers and scientist looking to manipulate the existing technological devices, with the aim of creating something fun and entertaining. Continue reading

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Zynga Review

Zynga ReviewZynga has become one of the big players in mobile and social media gaming. They had their first major hit with the Facebook game Farmville and have looked to repeat that success with other games such as CityVille, FrontierVille and ChefVille you can see a pattern emerging. Due to the success that these games have brought with them the company started a plan of expansion that has seen them reach out from their original site in San Francisco and started buying out and establishing external offices all across the globe starting with Baltimore but soon moving onto Beijing and Bangalore. Continue reading

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The State of the Industry: The Price of Piracy

The Price of PiracyFrom Blackbeard roaming the high seas plundering the merchant navy for loot to modern day Somalian gangs capturing and subsequently ransoming cargo ships that stray to close to the Horn of Africa. Piracy has always been a contentious issue, are the pirates simply down on their luck and looking to get some money to earn a living our do they set out to cause as much distribution in their greed fueled hunt for more and more riches. Piracy has taken on a new form in these modern times, away with the peaked cap and tall ships now the modern pirate sits in front of a computer sailing the virtual seas of the web searching for torrents and file shares. Continue reading