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Top5: Simulation Games

Top5 Simulation GamesSome games make us feel invincible, firing round after round against an alien menace to save the world all the while holding some screaming damsel in the arm not cradling a pulse rifle, others pull on our heart strings with deep emotional involvement (Aerith Gainsborough) while others play on our fears, zombies shuffling past in the dead of night etc. etc. Some games however make us gods among men. Continue reading

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Compendium: Space Invaders

Space InvadersThe industry was in freefall by the late seventies, the success of Atari’s Pong home systems caused a plethora of clones to flood the market. Manufacturers were forced to sell their consoles at a loss in order to clear stock and many analyst saw this as the end to the video game fad. It fell to a Japanese arcade manufacturer Taito to save the industry, with their first major success in the video game market.  Continue reading

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Saints Row IV Review

Saints Row IV ReviewVolition have tried so hard to step out of Rockstar’s shadow, ever since their first attempt at an open world game they have had to bear the GTA clone tagline. Saints Row IV is their latest attempt to put their own stamp on the genre. Where Rockstar have gone towards cinematic griping gameplay as was demonstrated by 2010’s Red Dead Redemption, Volition have decided to go in the other direction where over the top weapon and character customization take precedence over narrative gameplay.  Continue reading

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Compendium: The Legacy of Pong

The Legacy of PongPong’s success in the arcades of the early 70’s propelled Atari and it founders to the forefront of the new and emerging video game industry. The Pong arcade cabinets had been released in November of 1972, but soon Nolan Bushnell want to see his company grow even further and appealed to his engineers to come up with new innovative products.  Continue reading

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Sidenote: The New Zealand Story

The New Zealand Story SidenoteNew Zealand home to the Maori people, location for the Lord of the Rings films, birthplace of the world renowned mountaineer Sir Edmund Hillary and the setting of a late 80’s video game. Today’s sidenote takes a look back at the very first video game that I ever played, so be prepared for me to wax nostalgic about retro pixelated side-scrolling gameplay.  Continue reading

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Compendium: The Origins of Pong

The Origins of PongThe game that started it all, the entire industry built upon its legacy. Although there is a certain truth to that statement, Pong was not the first of its kind like so many would believe. The foundation of the video game industry had been laid down years before with games such as Spacewar!Continue reading

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Top5: Retro Android Games

Top5 Retro GamesI’ve been playing games for years, since I was five or six and my father came home with a NES, which may also be an indicator to my age and rapid advance towards the grave, as I grew older we ended up with more consoles in the house each bringing with it numerous hours of joy, frustration, gamepad throwing rage and the plethora of other emotions we associate with gaming. Continue reading